Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

what a difference 30cc makes!

So I have a motorcycle again! I didn't buy one, no; I spent the afternoon swapping out the exploded 49cc cylinder/piston/head unit of my Aprilia RS50 with an aftermarked 80cc unit. In essense, I now have a small motorcycle rather than a motorcycle-looking scooter. I just got back from a test-ride, and even taking it kind of easy during break-in, I learned a few things:

1) Wow, but does nearly doubling the displacement of an engine make a huge difference!
2) It's as fast as the cars around me off the line.
3) The low-end torque is the happiest discovery; I used to have to rev the engine over 6,000rpm to be able to take off without stalling. Now I can just let out the clutch at idle and it runs just fine. Wow!
4) Not sure of the top speed, but on a ride out along 31st St. (that's the one that goes out to Target, right?), I hit 50mph before I let off the throttle (saw a policeman). If I want to ride this bike on the highway, all I need is a new gearset, because it's going to over-rev before it runs out of speed. I bet this bike will go 80mph! Wow!

I wonder how much more I could get out of this thing with a nice exhaust, bigger carb, and better reeds (it's currently running all stock except for the new top end)....

Tags: land-speed-record aprilia

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