Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

new story: done!

I feel so full of... well, just full, pleased. I finished my first new story in a long time, and it feels really good. I got up after just six hours of sleep because I realized how to put it all together, how it should wrap up. The inspiration came from the "Story in a Bag" contest at ConQuest last month, and I've been putting it together ever since. However, I started writing in earnest this morning at about 11am and worked straight through to now with only a lunch break. Wrote about 5,000 words today, ending at about 8,100 words total - a really short story for me! I'm trying to decide on a title right now.

The draft goes off to my local writers' workshop group in a minute, then I think I'll show it to the SF Writer's Workshoppers, and then send it off to one of the magazine editors, I think. I owe Stan Schmidt a story - long overdue in sending him one - or perhaps I'll send it to Gordon Van Gelder first. Hmm. Thinking on it. It's partly about identity, partly about the meaning of life, but mostly about a guy who is on a mission to kill the person responsible for his wife's death; along the way he has to figure out who he is and why he's doing what he's doing. Oh, and the Earth is about to be destroyed by an asteroid.

This was an emotionally draining story to write, a bit autobiographical I guess (as most fiction is), and very non-linear and challenging to assemble as well as read, I suspect. I hope it works well enough to reward the reader! I like it a lot; I put a lot into it.

Okay, off to spell-check and give it a title!

Tags: writing

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