Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Thanks to scarlettina for sharing this:
Sign a petition to save the Hubble Space Telescope here:

I wonder why people haven't started a real campaign to raise funds for it? I bet that a nonprofit org could raise the money to keep it running in no time at all, as long as NASA was willing to do the infrastructural aspects (such as providing transport vehicles etc.). How much does NASA need to pay for the repair part of a mission? Someone oughta write a proposal and get it on the Net ASAP.

Whoever pays for it could have exclusive rights to the "Hubble Space Telescope" IP, its photographs, and so on; it could charge researchers for time to use the observatory; and so on. Not a profit venture, I'd bet, but not a big loser.

Down with W.

Tags: astronomy, the space age

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