Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

free SF conference events

Dear Science Fiction Fans -

The Campbell Conference (click here for details) begins next week!

If you can't afford a membership to the Conference, feel free to come for the Thursday evening keynote talks given by SF author and editor George Zebrowski and SF editor Lou Anders. Also free is a mass book-signing by the special guests in attendance on Saturday noonish at the Oread Bookstore in the Kansas Union of the University of Kansas. Meet fine authors, experienced editors, and SF fans from around the world!

Here's the full schedule of events.

Here is the list of special guests.

Hope to see you soon!

PS: If you want to make a reservation for the Awards Banquet on Friday night, be sure to let me know immediately so we can reserve a meal for you. If you want to attend the full Conference, you can register any time between now and the start of things, but please bring a check or exact cash so we don't have to make change. Thanks!


Oh, and spread the word!
Tags: cssf, ku, science fiction

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