Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

catching up

Dear friends -

If'n you've been waiting for me to go back through LJ posts and see things I was supposed to have read, please let me know (post a link here) so I can catch up. I'm so far behind what with wrapping up the spring semester, starting summer technical-communication internships, planning the Campbell Conference, doing the SF Writers Workshop, doing the Conference, and now doing the SF Institute while catching up on neglected work that I doubt I'll be able to go back through posts.

So please let me know what I should go back and read to catch up on friend-stuff!

Also, re: my future LJ-ing: I'm planning a very busy year ahead, what with starting my MFA, teaching loads of classes, writing a novel (or trilogy) with James Gunn, revising another novel of mine, and generally doing tons of writing that I will be frequently negligent about reading everyone's LJs. So please drop me a note now and then and use my last name in your posts every so often so I know you want me to check (I do that search-by-username thang once in a while).

It's not that I don't care - I do, dear friends! - but I just can't read everything while also working on my careers!


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