Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Eureka and X-Men goodness, updates

adammaker and jamer_31: I much enjoyed watching the first regular episode of Eureka (SciFi channel silly SF show about a town of uber-geeks) and X-Men 2 with y'all. If those shows weren't geeky enough, you sure helped up the geekification quotient! *g*

Clearing out stuff: Today I spent part of the day photographing my childhood HO-gauge train set and my mother's childhood Titano accordion, both for eBay sales, and I'm writing up the HTML for the ads now. Next, I post said ads and then start putting together eBay ads for spare engines and engine components (all of which are in the 100-degree F. garage, thus the delay). Then I need to get rid of lots of unused computer games, Warhammer stuff I never used, computer parts, and so on.

I'm supposed to pick up my old futon (and some other things) that 0verdrive has been using for a while now, so's I can have a couch again while clearing out some of his household for the impending changes there. Nice to have a pickup for such things!

Been working on story and novel revisions and organizing notes for new stories and novels.

Wrapping up the Campbell Conference financial things.

When the weather cools down a bit, a second huge branch from the tree over my driveway needs to go. "When it cools down a bit..." um, perhaps in November?

Working up some studies for area businesses re: the technical-communication program here at KU to help bolster the proposal for our Certification.

My step-sister gets married in a couple/three weeks, so I go up to Minneapolis for that. I'll try to make it quick so I can get back for the Departmental picnic the day after - I'm both faculty and student this Fall, as I complete my MFA!

A couple days later, I'm on the program for a teaching conference here at KU. Then school starts!

I hope you're well.

Tags: life

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