Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

local comics signing

Just got this from Joel, the owner of Astrokitty Comics:

Writer David Hopkins (of Viper Comics fame) and artist Brock Rizy will be unveiling their new comic book, Emily Edison, here at the 'kitty this Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006! They'll start signing and selling their book at 1:30pm and be here until 7pm! If you buy a copy of their book, you can get a free sketch by artist Brock Rizy!

Come out and support these independent creators! This is the first of many such signings Astrokitty will be doing throughout this year and the next, getting regional and local and not-so-local indy comic creators at the store for signings and Q&A sessions. Make this inaugural one great by showing up to support indy creators and learn about what it takes to get your book out there, how the industry works, and how the creative process works.

Emily Edison is an all-ages adventure comic about a sci-fi/superhero girl who is the daughter of an ultra-tech-uber-scientist and, unfortunately, is as clumsy as she is adventurous. A great book for fans of indy comics, old-school adventure/superhero books, and those who want to get into comics on the ground floor!

Check out the book and its creators here.


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