Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

in Minneapolis

I made it to the Twin Cities safely and without drama. Beautiful day for a drive, not too hot and sunny, with lots of actual news on the radio en route. Somehow, NPR stations now virtually interlink all the way from Kansas to Minnesota, with only one CD's worth of dead space in Iowa.

Did you know that "All Things Considered" actually has a number of different versions? Apparently in the middle of the middle of the USA, people don't want to hear about bomb-makings, instead preferring stories about human cannonballs and preserved dead human bodies. And they also don't seem to go for "Science Friday," instead playing a story about psychics and mediums. Hm.

Was weird and a little upsetting to be here to celebrate a wedding, especially for my step-sister who caused me such grief last year. But so far, so good. Only one weird moment when, during tonight's dinner, the father of the groom asked, "So is it just you? No spouse or children?" Um.... My step-mom saved me there.

Tomorrow the wedding, then the reception, then I drive back to Kansas (oy vey, all the driving), arriving sometime around sunrise so as to be there for the English Department grad student reception picnic. What with my being both faculty and grad student myself this year, I figure I better be there.

Hugs to y'all,
Tags: life

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