Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Fancy Feast: Tatsuko's favorite!

I have been a little worried about tatsuko_shikibu's weight for years now: She averages between 6 and 7 pounds - just a tiny thing! And keeping food inside of her is a challenge, too, so she only eats soft food (she nibbles a little crunchy stuff, but only as an appetizer, I guess). She's been eating less lately, so I thought I'd try something new: Fancy Feast soft food. It's pretty much human food by the looks of things. Last night, shredded chicken in broth; this morning, turkey nibbles in gravy.

Wow, but does she love this stuff! She just about finished the chicken in one meal last night, and it was all gone by this morning. But the turkey - whoah, it's already gone! Tonight's menu: chicken hearts & liver in gravy!

I expect that, very soon, she'll exceed 7 pounds for the first time in a decade ;-)

Now, off to ship some things at UPS (one's for you, edichka2!).

Tags: pets

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