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A Century of Infinite Possibilities (call for papers)

Here's a call for proposals for next year's National PCA/ACA conference in Boston. The Heinlein Society will give several hundred dollars in awards to the best papers from the conference. Deadline for abstracts is October 15th.

And don't forget that the 2007 Campbell Conference will take place in tandem with the Heinlein Centennial convention in Kansas City. We have limited spots available - only 30! - so register early!
Robert A. Heinlein 1907-2007:
A Century of Infinite Possibilities (10/15/06; PCA/ACA, 4/7/07-4/10/07)

Robert A. Heinlein Studies
An Area of the Popular Culture Association
National PCA/ACA Conference
Boston Marriott Copley Place
April 4-7, 2007
Boston, Massachusetts

2007 marks the 100th anniversary of Robert A. Heinlein’s birth. Centennial events and celebrations will take place throughout the year. Select papers presented at the 2007 PCA/ACA conference will be published in special Centennial issues of the Heinlein Journal.

The Heinlein Studies Area invites papers, panels, artwork, and multimedia presentations related to Robert A. Heinlein, his works, and his influences. Presentations from a variety of academic and critical perspectives and disciplines are welcome and should be suitable for a 15 to 20-minute reading/presentation time limit.

Please e-mail inquiries or 250-word abstracts and working bibliography (optional) to Lisa N. D’Amico, Heinlein Studies Area Chair, at Deadline for abstracts and proposals is October 15, 2006. Prospective panelists will be contacted promptly via e-mail. All submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Suggested topics of exploration include (but are not limited to):
The Human Diaspora
The Future History
The juveniles
Defining humanity in sf context
Cultural contexts
Popular culture and science fiction
The space program
Short stories and novels
Social structure
Critical analysis of Heinlein's works, characters, and themes

Since Heinlein’s works encompass many fields of study, Heinlein Studies is not limited to science fiction or literary themes only. Presentations are encouraged from all academic areas.

Artwork can be representational of (or inspired by) Heinlein-related themes, characters, works, or other aspects of the Heinlein universe. Artists will present and discuss their work at the conference.

Visit for more information and updates leading up to the conference. Other opportunities for scholarship will be posted on the website as they become available. Also, please visit the Heinlein Society website ( for more information.

Tags: science fiction

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