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a week in the life

I hope y'all've had a good week. People often write up their daily doings on LJ, and I realized I don't do much of that, thus losing a sense of the flavor of my life. So here's a mundane update for the last ten days, pretty typical I think. Those of y'all with whom I spent time this last week, help me remember if I left off events. Sunday to Sunday:

RenFaire with amjhawk all day. Saw what seems like more than half of the local LJ community out there, too - a large percentage of you are actors in the show! A big thank-you to radcliffe for getting me in.
Morning workout (I'm trying to do at least 3 days a week of 1-2 hour workouts), work at the office, pick up the KU carpool car, teach at the Overland Park (near Kansas City) KU campus, back home by midnight.
Hours of yard work, meeting with Jim Gunn and tmseay, office hours, Departmental meeting, class in Lawrence, work on revising a story.
Morning workout, office hours, get car, class in KC, home by midnight.
Housework in the morning, finish revising story with amjhawk in my office, pack it up and send it off, get together with amjhawk, tmseay, cba1282zyx, themitigator, and Nate and his girlfriend for Boys' Night Out (tm). A local dive-bar called "Harbour Lights" (yes, it's downtown; no, there's no water nearby) for beer (yes, they're quart-sized, and only $4 for a nice micro-brew), lots of talking and such, 3am meal at Jimmy John's.
Wake up sometime late in the day, workout, housework stuff, [um... other stuff?], put together a deck for Friday Night Magic tourney, make it to final round and get beaten by the Cheatey-Face-Card... but win cool prizes, anyway.
Hanging out and playing games with new-in-town Erick (dude, what's your LJ name now?), tmseay, and Chris K. (the late Key's dad), dinner at Papa Keno's, late-night gaming with Chris.
Finish story critiquing, car-parts shopping, a drive into the country, hours of trying to remove the ignition from the hearse ("Again with this cryptic reference to a hearse!" Well, I want to know I actually have a hearse before starting to write about it. Yes, it's licensed and titled and insured, but it's still miles away in a field.), local SF/F workshop group, Firefly showing at my place with amjhawk, tmseay, themitigator, subplot2, Lane, and adammaker (who hung out a little while studying).

I seem to recall also doing late-night shopping for cat food on the scooter (like 3am-late), playing cards with jamer_31 and Pooch at starstraf and Pooch's place, reading lots of things, other meals out and delivered, LJing, shopping, talking to folks, working on old cars and pickups and motorcycles, and playing with tatsuko_shikibu and chloe_hamster. Other stuff, too, I'm sure.

I guess it's a pretty good life. The working out has helped quite a lot with my mental well-being, that and good friends: Thank you for your kindnesses and wisdom. It's been a really challenging past couple of years, and I wouldn't have made it through so well without you.

This might be a cool thing to meme (heh, I verbed the information-age noun "meme"), so let me know if you're doing the same.


EDIT: I love LJ's auto-save feature. This is a post I thought I'd lost when the power went out earlier today. Just checking LJ now and discovered this saved post. Yay!
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