Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

squirrel dance

Remember the Hamsterdance? Well, a squirrel just outside my front window was doing a Squirreldance on the brick garden border. He stood up on his hinders facing me about 3 feet away, tucked in his arms, and did a squirrely up-and-down bounce about eight times. He dropped to all fours, moved a little bit away, then faced me again and repeated the dance.

Oh, and last weekend, my step-dad watched two squirrels playing with a rabbit in my front yard. They would wait until the rabbit leaned down to nibble yard strawberries, then rush up behind it and make it leap straight into the air. Then they'd run up a nearby tree and laugh at the stupid rabbit. Soon enough, the rabbit would resume nibbling, and the squirrels would repeat their little game.

I love squirrels.

Tags: urban wildlife

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