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SFM! Geocaching! Robots!

Yesterday was much fun! First, many thanks to weaselmom for taking me to the Science Fiction Museum - it is so much fun! If you're ever in Seattle, you must see the SFM while you're here. I am very happy with the Science Fiction Hall of Fame: It's an entire wall near the entrace, with fiber-optic-like lighted bricks with the busts of the Hall of Fame inductees and three interactive touchscreens with more info on them all. The only irritating thing is that to get "more info" on each, you need to input your email addy and then the SFM sends you info. No reason that couldn't all be on the computer there, even if you have to input your email. Anyway, it's very cool, and in that same room is the most fascinating projection screen you'll ever see: It's a globe about 6 feet in diameter, lit by four projectors surrounding it. Gorgeous! They run clips as well as turn it into various planets and such. Wow!

We spent at least a couple of hours in the museum, perhaps longer; you lose sense of time seeing the exhibits, little filmic installations, and gorgeous old books & magazines, even though it's not very large square-footage-wise. Afterward we went to the museum store (of course), where I got myself the coolest salt & pepper shaker in the shape of a Rocket Man lunchbox (pepper) and rocketship (salt). WM got me a free T-shirt with her membership card - yay!

Then she took me on a geocache, which is like an Easter-egg hunt for a camoflage egg hidden in a place you'd never think to look without coy little clues and a GPS device. I found it and we looked at the log of who'd found it before (the cache itself was a teensy screw-together container the size of a pistol cartridge, and the log was rolled up tight inside. The Weaselden was only the second-to-last discoverer).

Then we zipped over to kijjohnson's for a lovely dinner with the male Wealselparent, jeanineers, woadwarrior, and WM, to which everyone contributed something. Afterward were tequila shots, and I used my Atomic Rocket salt-shaker for nuclear savoryness. Late-night chatting and then up with the sun (um, well, the sun is out...) for a new day of adventure: Today we're off to see the Robothon! (I'll just let the name suggest the activity.) It's so good to spend time with long-time friends I haven't seen enough of for too long.



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Oct. 3rd, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
one of my co-workers does geocaching around here
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