Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

last day in Seattle

A good, laid-back day - got to see all kinds of Seattle I've never seen when I lived out here: Ballard Sunday Market (blackberries the size of baby human heads, an amazing Mid-Century furniture shop, the "perfect toffee" - kind of like the Lawrence Sunday Market but four times as big and in a great shopping district), then afternoon at the Seattle Center Robothon (three classes of robot battles, fish'n'chips in the food court, mocking a grouchy bus driver who honked when we tried to park), then pizza and chatting. And amazingly enough, my entire visit here has been sunny and kind of warm

It has been so good to see you, weaselmom, Weaseldad, kijjohnson, woadwarrior, and jeanineers. Next time I visit Seattle, I'll be able to see more people.

Tomorrow: Back to Lawrence. I hope y'all're well.

Tags: life

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