Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

today update

Kinda stayed up too late last night due to inability to sleep at least partially brought on by a box of cards that jeanineers and woadwarrior sent home with me. (I must confess that I have already made a new deck with it and modified most of my others already, ahem.)

Anyway, got myself over to the hearse for a while today, and GRRRR I'm getting tired of working on the thing. I have spent far too many hours on something that shouldn't even be a step in the renovation process, the damned ignition switch. woadwarrior's clever idea about the dent puller "a million car thieves can't be wrong" worked great on pulling the old switch, but I stupidly slipped the new one into the column before using the traditional "screwdriver key" used by said millions... and of course it turns out that there's something wrong inside the column so that the switch doesn't turn anything. So I tried to remove the new switch only to discover that there's another thing wrong with the column, the issue that prevented removing the old switch.


So after... I dunno, an hour of frustrated attempts to remove more of the column, I gave up and tried to pull the new switch using the dent puller. Well, turns out you first need to drill the switch to give the puller some purchase. Guess what I forgot to bring along? Yeah.

ANY-way, I gave the fuck up and am just about ready to start looking for a new victim, er, owner of said hearse. Tomorrow I go out there again (11.2 miles each way, several on gravel), and if the sum'beach doesn't at least reach the point where I can TRY to start it, it begins looking for a new home.

Oh, and when I came home, I cleverly put my billfold through the washer. Ah-huh.

Tomorrow will be better, yes!

Tags: gaming, life, vehicles

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