Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

North Korea tests a nuke

Just after 11:30am this morning (North Korea time), N. Korean officials informed China that they were about to test a nuclear weapon underground. Seismic tests affirm that something along the size of the Hiroshima bomb was indeed tested. This is the first nuke test the world has seen since 1998 when Pakistan and India tested theirs. Experts fear a nuclear arms race in the region, perhaps the rest of the world, because if a Third-World - and unpredictable - country like North Korea has nukes, everyone should have some.

Aren't you glad that we've invested all our military into Iraq, which is an "imminent threat"?

Interesting side-note: The new head of the UN is a South Korean.

The world just got scarier.


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