Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

X Prize Cup!

OMG *ded* of the nerdity!

Why is X-Prize Cup happening so far away? Aaaah! I want to go!

Do y'all remember the morning when these guys won the original X Prize? I got up early to watch that day after barely restraining myself from making a mad two-day drive down to see it in person. It's something that I'll always wish I'd done. Kind of like watching a Space Shuttle launch: I haven't done that yet, and soon we'll no longer be able to watch 'em take off. I bet lots of people out there wish they'd watched one of the now-extinct Saturn monsters launch their payloads of little pink people toward the Moon.


We live in the Space Age folks, and that is damned cool.

Tags: the space age

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