Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

yard is vacuumed!

Three hours and 16 bags of leaves later, my yard is once again ready for trees to dump their leaves all over it in the never-ending cycle of life.

Just yesterday I was admiring the beauty of the Fall colors. Now, even after a shower, I'm still sneezing bits of Fall color out of my sinuses.

Bah humbug to Fall colors!

(Well, I don't really mean that, he says, looking out the front window at the gorgeous reds and yellows still clinging to the neighbors' trees.)

PS: Wow, LJ wanted to post this SIX hours in the future. Cool. Perhaps because leaves changing is a sign of time passing.

PPS: I've been acutely feeling time passing of late. Don't know why; I guess I've felt a bit in stasis for so long, out of time. Time to re-join the linear flow of time.


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