Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Cutest Thing Evar!

Just now, I was about to shut down the laptop and head to the office, when -whoosh- a squirrel jumped up on the little brick ledge below my front window! About one foot away from me, she stood up and peeked into the house. I held very still - except for my big smile - and the squirrel stood up on her hinders and looked at me. Stood there for a few seconds, giant acorn in her mouth, then went down to four paws and walked along the ledge. Just as I started writing this, she came back and peered in at me again, ticking the window with her acorn.

(To get a mental image of where I am now, see the house icon: When doing online stuff at home, I sit at a round, mosaic-topped table that's a little wider than the center window in the big, front window. The lighter tone below the windows, along the bottom of the front wall, is the brick. Now you know where I am when I'm not at the office or in the garage *g*)

Now she's burying her treasure in my garden out front. I need to keep my camera at the ready for such moments! Wow!

(PS: That was freakish: LJ tried to post this in a different year. Um, what are those programmers smoking?)

Tags: urban wildlife

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