Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Asimov's response times?

Dear writerly types -

I checked the Asimov's Magazine writer's guidelines page for info on how long it takes them to respond; they say about five weeks. Well, I'm getting antsy on account of having sent them a story (my first submission in longer than I care to admit; I too often let life stresses and such interfere with my writing career) on 9/7/2006. They should respond on or around 10/16/2006 or so, including Snail-Mail transit time. That's two weeks ago *nibbles nails*

How long have they taken to accept/reject your stories since Sheila took over? I have to confess that I hadn't submitted something to Asimov's since Gardner worked there, and have yet to sell a story to that mag. I'm determined! So I must get more into the mail before I hear back on this, because a rejection won't encourage much in the realm of getting back onto the writing horse unless I have other stuff already in the mail-pipe.

PS: What does a writing horse look like? This, perhaps?
(- whoah, the folks at "" seem to hate us all. Here, I found a new photo.)


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