Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

yard work

On a lighter note:

Whew, just finished:

. Picking up branches and tossing them into a collection bag.
. Sweeping the front & rear patios, sidewalks (including neighbors'), and front yard into the street for the city's sweeper-trucks to clean up.
. Clearing the gutters. Yes, even the one on the second floor overlooking the concrete back patio. I had one "exciting" moment when I slipped a little and the gutter-scoop went flying when I had to put both hands down firmly on the roof to keep from falling onto said concrete patio.
. Straightening and re-fastening the front gutter with mondo-screws to prevent another winter of water spilling over onto the front brick patio and turning into Death Ice right by the front door.

Now, off to shower and work!

Tags: life

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