Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

I voted!

And it felt good, mostly... I miss The Stranger's Voting Cheat Sheet. I mean, did anyone locally get one of those Voter's Guides? I didn't, and there were lots of things I couldn't cast a vote for, dammit. I mean, who the hell are those judges, and should they be retained or not? Political appointees, perhaps, but by whom? None of them have an R or D or L next to them, so they act as if they're non-political, but we all know how the current Republican regime has been running a national campaign to install activist judges favorable to their causes.

So, irritating, but at least I got to vote for the politicians.

Get out there, and don't get surprised by your ignorance as I did: Find those voter's guides!

PS: I got a political call on my cell-phone from 866-849-3243 for some attorney general or something, maybe named Larry? I don't answer my phone during the day ($0.40 a minute) unless I know the person and am near my phone, so I waited to hear the message. How the hell did they get my cell number? It's not listed! And it's on the Do Not Call list. I wonder if political parties are allowed access to the DNCL and use it to call people.


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