Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

lovely weather on the way

Freezing rain is scheduled for this afternoon and tonight. Dammit, I have class in Overland Park (45-minute drive along dark Highway 10) tonight. Hmmm, I hate to cancel class.... And as I type this, sleet and freezing rain are beginning to fall. I just sent a letter to the students to cancel for tonight, darnit, giving them options for how to make up for it. It's the last get-together for them! We have a meeting with their writers, but this is their last them-only class. Harumph, weather.

If you live far from work, drive safe, and go home early if you can!

EDIT: One of my students just wrote that his dad is driving 10mph on the highway back from Topeka, watching cars spin out left and right. The roads outside my house are white with ice, and cars are slipping on it. I also just canceled office hours, because I'm not going to scooter up the hill in this crap. So: My plan is to spend the afternoon working on a new novel (with Grand Master James Gunn, no less!).

EDIT2: Good news: The Edwards Campus (where I'm supposed to teach tonight) has officially canceled class, thereby relieving me of guilt for canceling. The students voted, and they get two classes next week instead!


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