Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

the Moon in the Pleiades

Last night, even though it was COLD, I ventured outside with my office chair, my telescope, and my binoculars to check out the Moon's passage through the Pleiades cluster. Gorgeous. Too bright for good viewing through the telescope, and putting in the moon filter just made things fuzzy (condensation, er, ice accumulation), but the eyeball-fog on the binoc lenses did a fine job of cutting the blazing almost-full Moon light.

It was gorgeous, nearly full blazing from the center of the Pleiades like a flower in a starry garden.

I did discover that I seriously need to build a binocular mount, because, dude, 100mm astro-binocs get HEAVY when peering up at the sky for extended periods.
Tags: astronomy

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