Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Vespa on the way!

Last spring, kijjohnson got a 1965 Vespa VBC from eBay, and after going through many import issues, it finally arrived and has been living at woadwarrior and jeanineers's garage. She realized after a while that she wasn't going to ride any time soon - not in busy and dangerous Seattle, at least - so she decided to send it to me, because I'd partially financed it and because I'll love it and squeeze it and call it George (well, something like that).

So just a few minutes ago, she called from the shipper's to say it's on its way! Will be here the day after Christmas, and then all I need to do is set it up to run (mostly tuning it up and filling with fluids). Then, w00t, I have a Vespa again!

I had one when I lived here as a grad student, a decade ago, and it's the perfect transport for this town: Fast enough to do the speed limits on all the roads in Lawrence, but small enough to park wherever you can park a bike.

Thank you very much, kijjohnson, for passing it on to me, and thank you very much, woadwarrior, for getting it down to the shipper.

So: Yay! Scooter!

Tags: vehicles

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