Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick


From now on, my friends, the days only get longer. Your friendship is a light in my darkness, and this - the love between human beings, creatures who have no reason to hold regard for each other, sentient monsters transcending our genetic programming - sharing this more-than-human-ness with other humans, selfless and joyous and open even when we are such threats to one another... this is what makes me wake up each day: Hope, love.

As often as I despair for humanity... no, more often: More often than I despair for us as a species, I take joy in our being us. I love you all.

We are so barely evolved beyond our primate past, yet we are still capable of loving one another: This is why I hold hope in my heart. We can and do transcend.

Happy solstice to y'all!


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