Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

global warming: two new happy milestones!

Hey, folks, just what you've been waiting for! Happy-happy fun-fun proof of global warming and its effects on humanity. Good times!

From jaylake, a new story about how human habitation begins to sink beneath the waves. Your friend, global warming, in action. (I want someone to create a cute, cuddly GW incarnation, like the Sta-Puf man but warmer.) Soon everyone will have a beach house!

And a story about how the Arctic ice is vanishing due to accelerating global warming. Yay! Let's get rid of all that damned ice. Brrrr!

Here and here are sites full of info about global warming. Fun facts about our impending doom as a species!

To all those out there who've been taken in by the conservatives whose heads are buried in desert sand: Dudes, no matter what the fundies say, the world does indeed change, and it's changing in a way right now that does not suit human habitation. And science? You know, that empirical process whose reality you deny? Well, it's giving you some data. Feel free to ignore it and all, but when it starts to affect me and those I care about, I no longer accept your chosen ignorance. Time to get them out of positions of polical power, people, even if you are a fundie yourself. Seriously, I no longer respect your views if your denying reality gets in the way of saving the world.


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