Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

busy day

Today I:
  • Got up early for an eye appointment. Got pics of my eye; for example:
    the all-seeing eye... or part of it
    Then ordered some way-cool glasses, and paid for the whole shebang. And do I ever hope I get paid this Friday.

  • Bought a new air filter for the Honda scoot and installed it. sweet lil' scoot

  • Re-fastened the loose bolt that holds on the scoot's muffler; used a nice coat of Threadlocker to keep it from backing out and rattling.

  • Bought a new coil and resistor for the hearse. Installed said parts. hearse in its natural habitat

  • That didn't give me a spark (grrrr), so scooted back to the auto-parts store and bought a new set of points and a condenser. Still no spark.

  • blzblack dropped in and helped with car stuff on his way home.

  • Muttered, "Heck with you," to the car and resumed work on the pickup's carburetor. my sweet ol' pickup truck

  • Right at sunset, finished rebuilding the truck's carb and gave it a test-fire-up. Vroom, started right up! Good ol' truck. But with the carb all rebuilt, it idles really high... I think I found out why it was sucking so much gas before. Need to adjust it in the daylight.

  • After dinner, hit Target for some post-Xmas gift-wrap and storage clearances.

  • Wrote this.

Good night, y'all!

Tags: life, vehicles

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