Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

the future of editing

I occasionally mention cool stuff that jaylake posts, and this morning he already posted links to a couple of cool things including a car show with nothing newer than 1932 and the warm-blooded plant article. This got me thinking:

Jay is my "cool-web-stuff" editor. No, seriously, this is where I believe editing will go: People who pick things that we like more than other things - not necessarily pros (at first), but because of blogs and websites, they will become the editors of the future. One expects they'll find ways to make a living from this. This will provide new opportunities for authors and other types of creators. I mean, think about the YouTube example: Imagine someone picking their favorites and providing a set of links to the most funny or most interesting or whatever movies... wouldn't you pay a subscription fee for that? It's a new TV channel! Same for books and so on. All they'd need to do is create their own delivery system and, blammo! A new publisher is born!

Soon this will force New York publishing to make some changes that they're not making organically.

The Future Is Now.

Tags: science fiction

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