Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

sabotaging the future

I talk about the evils of the Neocons every so often, but look what they've done now.

A week ago, when the Dem's were getting sworn in as per America's reaction against the Repub's and their adventuring in the Middle East, gas prices in Lawrence shot up more than 20 cents overnight. A big "FUCK YOU" from the oil companies, I'm sure, for whom the Repub's are patsies (or are simply owned by the fat Repub's). Now, before the Dem's have their feet under them, the Bush administration has decided it had better get us firmly involved in war with Iran. Before the Dem's try to limit his power or reduce our forces in Iraq, that is.

Is this a big surprise when Bush yesterday stated he's sending tons more troops to Iraq? When we've scoffed at Iraq's attempts to work with Iran in settling their civil war? The examples of Bush's planning for war with "The Axis of Evil" abound, and here he goes, the fucking fuck.

Isn't there anything we can do to stop this adventuring prez? I mean, dammit, whatever happened to checks and balances?

The people no longer have any power in this country. Perhaps Bush and his ilk are spoiling for a revolution here at home. They keep this up, they'll get it.

I'm just feeling so pissed off and helpless.

Good luck,
Tags: politics

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