Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

The Prime Directive

I hear Captain Picard (er, what's-his-name) in an interview on the BBS last night. He said he wished Next Gen was still in production so he could pound on the writers' door and have them do an episode about the Prime Directive paralleling W's anti-Prime-Directive-ness.

Remember how, every time the Federation decided to intervene, it ended badly? Now imagine an episode where the Enterprise goes to some alien world, manufactures unlikely charges against its people, blows the living shit out of it for a while, risks nearly losing its ground troops as the logistics crumbles (say, when the Admiral discovers what's going on and ceases all weapons shipments), installs a Federation-friendly leadership (except it would have to be an Enterprise-friendly gov't, cuz the Federation wouldn't stand for this), and then makes billions siphoning from its economy.

Oh, wait, the Federation doesn't use money, is against intervention (what do they say? something about rule number one...), and would immediately take Picard into custody.



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