Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Woo-hoo! Perfect score.

Had to share this: I was just going through last semester's student course evaluations and got the most pleasant surprise.

(Aside: We got our evals back late this semester, because the new policy is that the Department's secretaries need to type them all up before the prof's can see 'em; evals are anonymous and go to the sec's first... anyway.)

So: I just got my first perfect set of student evaluations! Every student in my English 562: Advanced Technical Writing course last semester ranked all 14 aspects of the class a perfect 5.0. W00t! And I got an almost-perfect for my English 564: Advanced Technical Editing course, with only one student ranking two elements at 4. Wowee!

Students in my English 362: Foundations of Technical Writing - required for several majors rather than elective for the Advanced courses - ranked every element of the course except for textbook [natch] over 4.5, so it would seem that my students feel I do a pretty good job. This is the best way to start the semester!

Tags: work

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