Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

washed my car today... it's now 27F

... of course. Yes, I knew that we were approaching a cold night, but I was getting bothered by the notion that my pretty little car might be harboring salt from driving [or attempting to drive while spinning like crazy] on the ice. The roads were relatively dry today, so off to the car wash! Let's hope that I'll be able to open the doors tomorrow if needed *g* I did dry the doors and such, but one never knows.

Also changed the spark plug on the little Metropolitan scooter; it needed a new plug, as it's been getting more difficult to start in the cold.

Other vehicular stuff: charging the last of the batteries overnight tonight (the BMW cycle) in hopes that I might see a warm, dry, sunny day some time in the near future and be able to enjoy it on the bike. Already charged up the other oldster batteries during the last few days, one per night using a low-amperage charger. Heck, I even charged up my portable jump-starter thingy.

In more exciting news, the city wants to tow the hearse unless I move it some time in the next 36 hours. *sigh* I'll be looking for someone to steer it while I pull it behind the pickup tomorrow, methinks.

Classes are all in forward motion! Tomorrow, the SF class rounds out my regular lectures; still need to meet with my three directed-study students.

Here's hoping y'all're well!
Tags: life, vehicles

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