Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

squirrel sighting

I saw SIX (count 'em, 6!) squirrels on my back patio today after putting out food! Six, all at once! One was even a different breed, sort of reddish along the flanks and tail, with longer ear-fur. Cute! Another, a regular gray squirrel, looks like it had survived a fight with a dog, bearing scars all over its body, a crooked ear, and a sort of right-sided lean as it walked. Charming. A second group rotated in after a while, two juveniles who couldn't have been more than half the weight of the adults.

I put food out three times to keep them around for a while, and because it was - in the words of the local weather-dude - "brutally cold."
Tags: urban wildlife

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