Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Is Bush getting clever?

When I first read this news item (here's the story from a different perspective), I had the normal reaction: What, is he crazy? What are the NeoCons thinking, raising military spending more than 20% while dropping taxes on the rich? Etc. You probably had similar reactions.

Then I realized that - perhaps! - the NeoCons who dictate what Bush says (rather, massacres when he speaks) had discovered a way out of Iraq without seeming as if they're giving in to Democratic (and American) demands: Demand such an out-of-line budget that only the insane would approve it. Then Bush could say, "See, we can't continya ar Wor ahn Terra without the fun, er, funds" or something.

Unlikely? Too clever for the NeoCons? Consider this: They want to:
  • Spend $800 per man, woman, and child in the US to fund his adventure in Iraq for the coming year. Who in their right mind thinks it's worth it? Do you get $800 worth of viewing pleasure, watching our kids fighting in Iraq?

  • Cut more than 140 federal programs (including Education by 5%).

  • Cut taxes on the richest few percent of the rich (and what the hell does this have to do with saving money? Oh, sorry, I thought that meant "for the country").

  • Raise military spending by more than 20% - so that it counts for more than 20% of our entire US budget.

  • Put those who are children today into debt so far they'll never dig out.

An important money-shot from this article: To pay for tax cuts for the rich and his adventure in Iraq, "[Bush] would cut billions of dollars from programs that provide health insurance to low-income families, even though the number of uninsured Americans is 47 million and rising. And he would make deep cuts in the federal program that helps poor, elderly Americans pay their heat bills, even though poverty has risen sharply in the last five years. All this to offset tax cuts that are targeted overwhelmingly at the very richest Americans."

All this to pay for a war that has cost us hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of seriously injured Americans, turned the world's opinion against us, pushed Korea and Iran to develop nukes to deter NeoCon aggression, and created a powerful recruiting tool for terrorists.

The upshot of all this? I believe the NeoCons are doing this to provoke Americans to rise up in incredulity and force our lawmakers to finally come to their senses and completely reject this agenda.

Oh, certainly the Bushies will wail and rail against such a response, but they really want it. It's their only way out, the only way to salvage any remaining vestige of decency, the only way they can hope to leave a legacy worth an inkling of respect. jaylake suggests that the Bush presidency is the worst thing to ever happen to our country, a bane that could lead to our downfall. Well, I have to believe that even among the NeoCons there must be more than two brain cells to rub together, and they've done so, and there was a bit of a spark. Picture this discussion in some smoky, dark-paneled den deep in the bowels of a mansion built with oil money:

"We can't let Bush do this any more. Too expensive. He'll bankrupt the country."

"But it's making us rich!"

"Won't last long at this rate. The money has to come from somewhere."

A few quiet moments of reflection.

"Hey, if he proposes an utterly insane budget that no one could accept, it'll get voted down and the Democrats will be responsible for 'cutting and running,' not us!"

"Brilliant! But how do we make sure people know that we want them to vote against our agenda?"

This last one is the stickler. So spread the word: Here's the chance - at long last! - for Democrats and Republicans to work together toward a goal to save the country.

End the war in Iraq while preventing the bankruptcy of our nation! Bush clearly wants it, so even you conservatives out there need to support him, no matter how loudly he protests that he really wants this! It's the only way for such a pig-headed dork to save face.

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