Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

A Winter Wonderland... in hell!

Last night's commute home from the KU Edwards campus took about an hour for a drive that usually takes about 35 minutes. I learned that one must never trust the weather-casters, too, because they told us the snow wouldn't start until midnight. Well, when we (Nate, a friend and co-worker) left early, before 10pm, the roads were already carpeted with about two or more inches of snow on top of wet from raining all day. Oh, and the fun part was when the rain started to freeze under the snow.

Luckily, Nate drove because the middle of my back went *sproing* just as we got to class at 7pm - probably from the sudden weather change and driving while tense. I took some ibuprofen and did some stretching, but I was sort of incapable of gesturing for the 3-hour class. Oof.

Anyway, the drive home. At least we weren't one of the fools spinning into the ditches or whose headlights were pointed the wrong way. That's exciting to see on a dark highway. Nate tried to follow the deep tracks left by cars ahead of us, but sometimes they veered onto the shoulder, so that was exciting. Nate did a fine job of keeping us on the road, though, and I was able to just lean back and try to relax. Heh, right, but it was way better than driving.

The up-side of this is that the world is absolutely beautiful today. Some photos of the winter wonderland that is Kansas today:

Here's what the snowfall looks like out front

And out back:

I hope y'all have had safe drives, yourselves.

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