Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

burnin' down the house

Good lord, it's a baaaaaby nuke! Perhaps the scariest thing about this weapon - if nukes need to be any scarier - is that we had deployed thousands of them along the border with East Germany during the Cold War. Nearly as scary is that they could be detonated at ranges that would kill their operators.

But, no, the scariest Cold-War nuke (to my mind) has to be the Supersonic Low-Altitude Missile, or SLAM: "The weapon's design called for a complement of hydrogen bombs inside, which could be peppered upon targets while the missile zig-zagged over the general area. As an added bonus, any enemies which were not killed by the nukes were likely to die from the passing missile's shockwave, or by exposure to the gamma and neutron radiation belched out by its unshielded nuclear reactor."

People designed these things. To be used against other people. And Bush wants to build these again, perhaps to use against Iran. Sometimes I feel downright mysanthropic.

Thanks once again to jaylake for adding to my nightmares with really cool tech.

Tags: politics, random cool stuff

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