Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Hope had an abscess

So our thunderstorm-panic-stricken pup had a bump on the side of her beak for the past couple of days, this after trying to chew her way out of the apartment (how does a dog CHEW a brass doorknob? She GROOVED it with her TEETH).

Shouldn't be a surprise, then, that she probably cracked a tooth. Naturally, it was the biggest, most-expensive-to-remove back tooth, which required drilling and hours of sedation. Sigh.

Oh, and she goes on Doggy Prozac soon to control her anxiety. Also antihistamines to control her allergies (why the gnawing her paws). Sheesh, children. How can people put up with actual HUMAN children when fur-bearing ones are so much work?


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