Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

goodbye, charming pickup truck!

Today, roya_spirit and J. stopped by just as I was replacing the oil filter on the pickup truck. We talked about it for a while, I re-tightened the oil-filter cover (okay, now I understand why most cars don't use those any more: tricky to line it up against the seal), and she decided she wanted it!

It's been a good pickup, having hauled literally tons of stuff for me over the past year without requiring a lot of maintenance. I did rebuild the carburetor and install a battery shut-off, and it could use some updates, but it worked super as-is as my haulin' vehicle. Here's my post from the day I picked it up. Here's a photo:

So I'm down to only three cars, and perhaps soon down to only two. Wow! That'll be the fewest in a long time.

So long, charming pickup truck! I hope you enjoy it, roya_spirit!

Tags: vehicles

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