Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

fundamentalism question, cont'd

After participating in the original discussion (find it here: ), I think perhaps that if such a virus were to hit us, it would be a bad thing. Even if taffy23110's suggestion that we would descend into animals weren't the case (and that's an entirely different conversation, I think), I think several people's argument that religiousity isn't the root of the problem, rather black vs. white / right vs. wrong is (and they just use their chosen religion as a shield and a weapon).

Bad people using religion is the problem, then. "We can kill them because they're heathens"; "They're going to hell anyway, so let's end their suffering"; "God hates fags"; and so on. So what kind of intentional attack would remove that? It's a tough one; I mean, do you want to eliminate decision-making? I suspect that's related to thinking one is right. Eliminate the capacity for evil thoughts...? Hmmm, that one scares me; how do we know if that's not a requirement for survival? And what would that entail, anyway?

So what would eliminate the fundamentalist's smug assumption that he is right, everyone else is wrong and headed for hell? That's what got me started: If no one could feel the divine, they could no longer use it as an excuse. But y'all're right: It would also eliminate all kinds of good things, things that make us great and good like creativity, the "eureka!" moment, and the sense of one-ness with others. Perhaps this conversation does return to our needing to sense the divine in order to be human...

I would like to hear an atheist point of view, as well. Atheists, hello? Certainly they have their own sense of this via non-religious experiences.

Tags: ideas, writing

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