Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

weather freakishness & pickup update

Okay, a few days ago in Kansas, we had tornado watches. Yesterday we had temps in the 80s. It's warm and raining right now.

Tonight? It's expected to be 30 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Ice on the roads the night after people were running, sweaty, on those same streets in shorts and no shirts.

In other news, I replaced the fuel pump on the pickup truck (roya_spirit decided an old pickup was too much work for her, so it's mine again) and discovered that the problem with its running at high speeds was far simpler than that: The fuel line simply seems to be blocked. *sigh* Why didn't I start with the easiest thing? No, I started with the most-complicated fix, rebuilding the carburetor; then replaced the fuel pump. Now I just need to replace the cruddy old fuel line and that ought to do it.

Ah, well, it'll be all fresh and new fuel-supply-wise.


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