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Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Art

Here's the full list of what's going to be in the upcoming anthology, Visual Journeys: A Tribute to Space Art, artwork on the left and the stories that we literated on the right. In alphabetical order of artist. I've included links to various people's LiveJournals - congrats to you all! If I'm missing some, please let me know and I'll edit this.

1Visual Artist & ArtworkAuthor & Story literating the artwork
2Chesley Bonestell "Funeral on Mars"Ron Miller "The Funeral"
3Michael Carroll "Kuiper Planet"Willis Couvillier "Inheritance"
4Michael Carroll "Terraforming Survey Team"Lawrence M. Schoen (klingonguy)
"A Buffalito of Mars"
5Bob Eggleton "Lost Galaxy"Tom Dupree "Lost Galaxy"
6Bob Eggleton "After Bonestell"Jay Lake (jaylake) "After Bonestell"
7Bob Eggleton "Crusing on Io"Tobias S. Buckell "Io, Robot"
8Bob Eggleton "Of Late I Dreamt of Venus"  James Van Pelt (jimvanpelt)
"Of Late I Dreamt of Venus"
Ron Miller "Jupiter Cloudscape"
Christopher McKitterick (mckitterick)
"In the Clouds of Jupiter" now "Jupiter Whispers"
10Ron Miller "61 Cygni at Aphelion"Justin Stanchfield "Exile's Child"
11Frank R. Paul the Nov 1929 cover art for
*Science Wonder Stories*
Trent Walters (blzblack)
"You Can Be Replaced"
12Wolf Read "Hell Orbit" G. David Nordley "Hell Orbit"
13Joe Tucciarone "Impact"Frank Wu (frankwu) "Worlds in Collusion"
14Joe Tucciarone "Masters of the Universe"Michael A. Burstein mabfan "Moving Day"
15Joe Tucciarone "Ring Galaxy"(Cover art for the book)
16Delphyne Joan Hanke-Woods
"Kronos Jazz Quintet"
Richard Chwedyk "Where We Go"
17Frank Wu (frankwu) "Derelict"Jude-Marie Green (saycestsay) "Derelict"
18Frank Wu (frankwu) "Indifference"Paul E. Martens "Indifference"
19Frank Wu (frankwu) "Resurrection Man"Will McDermott "Resurrection Man"
20Frank Wu (frankwu) "Ad Astra"Mike Resnick "Monuments of Flesh and Stone"

This is going to be so cool! I can't wait to see it. Eric says that people can begin pre-ordering in May, with release by the combo Campbell Conference - Heinlein Centennial - SFRA meeting in July.

EDIT: Oooh, and here's a revised picture of the cover:

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