Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Anthony victorious! Flooring: in progress. Sanju sick.

Have to give a public "hooray" to amjhawk, who won his first Friday Night Magic tourney yesterday. We celebrated with barbeque during the snowstorm.

Grindhouse was hilarious and nasty all at once. One of the fake previews, alone, was worth going to the show: "Machete: They messed with the wrong Mexican!" I liked the first movie ("Planet Terror" or something equally absurd) as a movie more than the second, but Tarantino's toying with meta-plot in "Death Proof" was pretty damned cool, too.

In other news, today 0verdrive started tearing out the upstairs carpet, removing the banister, screwing down the flooring, and prepping for the hardwood flooring that he'll soon install. Out, stained carpet! In, pretty oak!

Thanks to jamer_31 for helping clear out the stuff upstairs to make room for the impending demolition. He also did his best ever at FNM: Go, Jeremy!

Be sure to send good vibes toward sanju_devil_cat, who is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery to remove sparkle-mice from her belly, poor silly kitty!

Hope y'all're having a good weekend.

Tags: life

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