Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Sanju is recovering well

Just got a call from sanju_devil_cat's mom, jensixstones, and have learned that Sanju's surgery went well - the remaining portion of a red sparkle-mouse has been removed - and she is recovering in the kitty hospital.

The surgery wasn't cheap, though, so if any friends of Sanju feel generous, the vet hospital takes donations! They're Lawrence Veterenary Hospital, and you can make a credit-card donation in Sanju's name (Jennifer Decker is her mom). Here's their info:

Dr. Kraft
Lawrence Veterinary Hospital
3210 Clinton Pkwy Ct
Lawrence, KS 66047

I was so worried about her last night when I learned that one is usually cut open in order to remove sparkle-mice... eeek! Such a relief.

Poor silly little kitty!

Tags: pets

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