Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Tatsuko is so cute. Sanju is healing. Also Chloe is so cute.

Dear friends of the fur-people:

Just a few good-news items on a day when all the news is depressing. Even Dr. Drew spent the day talking about Virginia Tech.

- Tatsuko is learning to fetch. She's a very playful cat, especially this time of night, but tonight she's returning a crumpled-up grocery receipt so I keep throwing it for her. Too cute!

- Sanju came through surgery just fine and is going home tomorrow. She even purred for the vet today. Hooray!

- My hamster, Chloe, is dangling from the bars of her cage, hanging by her teeth. Hee hee!

I felt the need to share some positive feelings.

Tags: pets

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