Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

geez, where did those 7 hours go?

Right here. This is all the ipstp Day's fault, getting me started revising my online poetry pages, because it pained me to see other pages in crappy condition. The other reason was work-related, because right now my advanced tech-editing and -writing classes are working on CSS, and I wanted to show what one could do with it.

So I created a brand-new CSS (click here if you would like to see it) based loosely on the original design, hoping that this would make it simpler to update many pages at once.

Those of you who have done a lot of CSS are probably aware that this is much easier said than done when revising a site that uses a combination of hard-coded HTML formatting, embedded styles, and inconsistent style-sheets embedded on every page. W00f. I don't want to even think about how many hours I've spent revising and testing and then updating the CSS to work with all the things I want to do on the various pages. At least I'm happy with it now.

The other thing I wanted to do was demonstrate for my students how one can create view- and click-based link ads (Google and Amazon links) as a means to make one's website a revenue source. Not that mine gets anywhere near enough traffic to make real money, but a student who builds a site that becomes popular might pay for the server costs. So!

Anyhow, would y'all do me a favor and look over my updated pages when you get a chance? I've updated all of my writing-related pages, my Lincoln pages, personal (EDIT: Shoot, I forgot to upload the revised Bio page), gaming, and some other random pages, too. Thank you! I'd like to see if all this work was worth it, and get some suggestions for continued improvement if you see something that's a problem (he crosses his fingers that you won't...). You can pretty clearly tell the updated pages apart from the old ones because the headers are much brighter white-and-red using the new CSS.

Should I make it all wacky and bright, or is this design a good one? Ideas?

Now I'm all het-up about wanting to create tons of new pages, upload short fiction and novel sections, and more! This whole website thing can become an obsession.

Now to bed, perchance to dream!

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