Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

What to do about Iraq? Help the soldiers.

Tomorrow is the four-year anniversary of "Mission Accomplished." Right.

Here's a brilliant consideration of what to do about the mess we've created in Iraq. Not sure if I agree with all her points, but we have to start this discussion if we ever hope to fix things.

What, really, can we as individuals do about all this? Voting didn't seem to change anything, and the Bushies sure won't listen to the people (unless those people run major corporations profiteering off the war). So how about helping make the soldiers' lives easier? I know of two ways:

Here's a great book-donation program started by science-fiction people. Give the bored soldiers your books! Give 'em science-fiction books so they come back with the mental framework of being able to see things are they aren't-yet-but-could-be.

Here's the first war-zone gaming convention, to be held in Iraq on June 9. Send the soldiers gaming supplies!

And spread the word.

Tags: save the world

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