Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

NASA is getting smarter

For those of you not reading jaylake's LJ, check this out:

For so long, NASA just didn't understand that, in order to maintain support for what they do, they need to make space exploration dramatic; they didn't understand how to convey the drama inherent in their mission. James Gunn wrote an essay in the 1970's after they killed Apollo, about how the real reason for the death of space exploration wasn't the end of the Cold-War race to the Moon but instead how NASA bored the American taxpayers with their endless tech-talk rather than hiring poets and fiction writers to share their story. (Bonus points for who can name that essay first.)

It seems that lately they've solved this problem. They even hire movie makers these days. If you haven't visited their website in the last couple of years, check it out. It's become a real Web destination.

Tags: the space age

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