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Just got out of the last "Science, Technology, & Society: Examining the Future Through a Science-Fiction Lens" class. *sniff* It was much fun, as the students were giving their semester's-end presentations. Much creativity and fine research. I'll miss these people and this class, but we plan to form a local SF interest group to gather for movies, book discussions, and general SFnal-ness.

Tomorrow morning at 0-dark-early I hop in a car with Nate and we head to the Kansas City "International" airport, then land in New York City for the Nebula Awards Weekend. Tonight I still need to finish some things in preparation for the author-agent speed-dating event tomorrow afternoon, right after Nate and Jim Gunn and I give our AboutSF presentation.

Those of you also heading there: See you soon!

Now for today's astro-image. I almost forgot, been so busy.

Click the image for more information.



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May. 11th, 2007 02:25 am (UTC)
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