Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

that's weird

Because I stayed up late last night, exercising and watching Crank, I only got up a short while ago. My morning looks like this: I turn on my laptop by the front window, make breakfast while it finds a network, then open the "curtain" over the big front window and sit down to eat while checking email etc.

Normally, the street is filled with parked cars; this morning, only my pickup is out there. Even odder, no cars have yet driven past for more than an hour when normal traffic is a car every few minutes. Also, people usually jog by every, oh, 20 minutes or so. Kids smoking, etc. And of course the little fist-sized dinosaurs are normally yanking worms out of the soil and nabbing bugs, and the North American monkeys (aka "squirrels") are out there hopping from tree to tree.

So: Oddly quiet today. Where is everyone? Is today some kind of holiday? Even odder: Where are the little urban wildlife dudes?

EDIT: Looks like I wrote too soon. A guy just stumbled past. Looked a bit drunk and worse for wear, as if he'd lost a pretty rough fight.

Tags: zombies

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